The Lederer Santana wedding was amazing, a beautiful day perfect blue sky and clouds like cotton, tears and love in the air, the union of two families. Eddie and Danella met online. At the beginning Eddie was living in Plano and Danella in Houston so Eddie would text Danella in English and Danella would get someone to translate for her, then she would replied, that's how it all started!
after numerous emails and letters Eddie asked her out, their cultural differences their families are very similar. Danella and Eddie got to know each other as friends first, they became very good friends, that friendship grew into love, one day when Danella graduated in child development from Collin College all the family gathered, when they were talking about her sister's proposal in a public place he said: Oh no that's not possible that's personal, so Danella had no idea what he was planning to do.
However, at 3 am Saturday 14th 2016, Eddie proposed to Danella in front of all the family, including their dogs Juan and Lula.

The wedding day began at the Homewood suite by Hilton, where the bride got dressed and the wedding took place at Sneaky Pete's in Lewisville Texas. Here is to love and the union of two wonderful families.
Eddie and Danella thank you for giving the joy and honor of capturing your day and document wonderful moments that will last forever!

The Reception was stunning amazing details and the arrangement of Amelia Odobasic

Thank you to amazing group of vendors who made this possible and my Awesome assistant Wenddy Garrido!

Photographer: Gys Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Amela Odobasic (Sneaky Pete's)
Makeup artist: Pooja Nagpal
Florist: Tom from Flowerama
Dj: David Tico
Pastor: Michael from New Hope management
Videographer: Drew Lederer


  1. Looks like this was such a fun, gorgeous wedding day! Great job capturing it!

    1. thank you Ashley, yes every wedding is so different but all of them are beautiful!

  2. Lovely Colors and just adorable couple!


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