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David and Adriana's Wedding - Miami Gardens Florida

David and Adriana's Wedding in Miami Florida was amazing! a Hollywood styled wedding! emotional and romantic these two threw some tears during the ceremony. Thank you guys for making me part of this day!

Keith and Catalina Wedding Miami Florida

Keith And Catalina fabulous Miami Florida, awesome first look and love in the air all around
luxury wedding.

"LIFE IS..." Destination wedding photographer-Fort Worth Texas

A while ago my life changed...for what I thought to be bad but as you may have heard, "time heals everything" . I never knew but life throws surprises to us all and as you recover from those bad times in life, you also learn to appreciate small things... like a sunny day and the nature around us. It was one of those days. Just a beautiful relaxing day in company of great friends and someone special. When you think everything couldn't go worse...there it is again, a "rainbow". . . of colors, sunshine and new things that make your life better. . . the simplicity of life happening as it is. 
Me and my camera . . . ready to go shoot a ride. Of motorcycles, that is. 

Sonia and Francisco's birthday

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
coming soon

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